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The first part reminds me on a emotional movie or game soundtrack but the second part is kind of confusing for me but I like it

Aster responds:


Oh man that sounds realy nice I actually enjoyed it to listen you should put some drums on it to give them some rythm and some pads or chords to give them some vibes

HoboPorn responds:

Yeah I actually have no idea how I’d go about doing that lol. Anything I can download on my iPhone that would let me add onto it like that?

Oh dude that would sound nice in a club you could use a buildup and a breakdown but that is all I would say...sounds amazing witch synt did you used for those sounds?

Hexelbit responds:

Thanks a lot! I use NI Massive

Hell Yeah cant wait to play this game

Sooooo amazing It's good to know that you're back

Ok this song could use harmonies and and melodies

Ok you should may use more harmonics that sound more nice in combination together in the piano and also make an clear drum structure it helps realy out to bring some rythm in it

DemonBMP responds:

I Have limited tools, i download the midi verseon and then use a converter to convert to mp3 but the sound of the midi file it originally came from, especially on a budget, of 0 money. the best i can use is chrome music lab, (Sounds Much better than the newgrounds version) I'll try to get More better stuff. Thanks for the suggestion btw

Ok a litle bit compresion ans mastering would be nice
But the growl is pretty cool

I heard both versions first I like the pad sounds and the atmosphere the drop sound is cool but here a few things that you can change maybe:
The drop cames to randomly so a build up would be nice bc you cant make a drop when there nothing tmyou can drop down so building up the atmosphere to a climax is very important to make a good drop
The drop sound is amazing but it plays too often you know keeping it interesting with a lot of Sounds and a lot of Modulation
The vocal samples are pretty cool but there need to be louder ok even if this is almost instrumental but the vocals are always have to be the clear and loud enough to hear it trough the rest of the sounds in the background

I hope it is usefull so yeah
the song is pretty cool
Well done

Oh man the sirens I had no other choice to think of siren head XD
Anyways I like how you made a melodie/rythm of the siren sound

Check out my songs if U like <3




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